वो कहते है…आसमान में उड़ने वाली लड़की कोई लड़की नहीं होती…और हां मै ऐसी ही लड़की हूँ

roopam sharma

A girl who has always looked at life through the eyes of an explorer and lives her life as a learner. Engineer turned artist, always had love for stage. Whenever she stepped on stage she felt this place belonged to her. She is a spoken word artist at heart and a storyteller by nature. “I still write letters’ ‘, she writes letters to her friends, family, and her loved ones. A modern meerabai with an old school soul. A  lyricist who has recently started exploring the music industry. A people’s performer who loves to enact every word that she utters. Her writings are always reflections of her life experiences that she pens and performs in the most intense manner. She believes “Art is supposed to make you uncomfortable”. She expresses darkness with utmost light to it so it is clearly visible. Has an acting streak in her with some drama quotient. She mixes all these elements together and brings up a piece of her soul to the stage every time she performs.

Life has always been a journey to find answers. Answers to anything and everything. Society’s unfavourite are the people who ask questions. A young talkative girl smiling all the way and asking questions walks in the heart of Delhi. A girl in her second grade stepped on the stage to read the news and since then she never came back. Belonging from a middle class family no one expected the kind of support she has received from her family for co curricular activities ever existed. Played “Maaya” in one of the plays in her school and since then Maaya flew in her veins. Wrote a story Maaya and people started calling her Maaya. That story is the journey of a girl from losing hope to finally becoming one. Faced a lot of repulsion from her peers for  leading a life differently. One of her solo performances “Navras” got published in the newspaper. Life in college has been completely different but one thing remained the same apprehensions and accusations from the society. Again the thing that saved her was “stage”. Finally, she knew that’s the only place to give her solace. She did her first open mic in 2018 and since then there is no looking back…

Ever thought of a person who absolutely enjoys telling stories? Yes, Roopam is a natural storyteller who believes in spontaneity of life. A lyricist whose first song is a rendition which has pain decorated in metaphors, a poet who sees magic in poems and an actor who believes in living the scene on screen rather acting it. A trainer who can train you in behavioural and adult training methods most importantly a performer who loves to feel the magic of stage. Scripting the domains of life and beautiful scenes is something that brings spark to her creative metabolism

It is my dream to perform for lakhs of people, be there on the stage and tell them my story or recite my poetry and feel goosebumps. I want to reach out to different parts of the world along with my art. The obstacles, the path holes and difficulties, I take them as stories and express them through my words. Remember? If it’s not happy, it is not the end. So I prefer those different, unconventional and happy endings for my stories. I aspire to write about things that are not yet explored.


Parchhayee' By Roopam Sharma & Ida Ali

During that “good mood” period did you ever sense that you had a lot of ideas; and suddenly your brain felt invincible? Roopam and Ida represent two opposite ends of such emotions that rebel within you.

“Safar Khoobsurat Hai Manzil Se Bhi” By Roopam Sharma

Witness how journey becomes more memorable than the actual destination

Main Tum Se Milne Aaongi | Rohil Bhatia | Roopam Sharma | Rahat Kazmi

Featuring: Rohil Bhatia, Roopam Sharma Neha Sharma, Swastika Rajput, Rayna Basnet, Vinayak

Director: Rahat Kazmi


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