Roopam Sharma

Do we really fake in relationships, or we fake relationships?

Living in the capital city where you can have easy access to anything and everything in the world. While you are sitting at home you can get your laundry done, call salon at home, get a cook. But when it comes to relationships why is it so difficult for people to find someone and live an imperfect life with them perfectly. While I have had this conversation with young successful women, I realized we have been faking a lot of things than orgasms. Life is distinctively fast here, so fast that the easy way out is to fake. Most of the women said that it is easier to fake an orgasm and be in the relationship rather than going in a loop of another set of dating and finally fall into the same square from where they started. It made me help but wonder we have been faking the entire relationship not just things in it. While the entire world is fast forward, and we have a voice for everything we tend to say. We speak about, politics, sexuality, and rights. We are afraid to communicate to that one person who deserves to know the truth. Let’s take a moment to think about this and say it.

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